“Brockworks allows ISS to rapidly explore business challenges and technical solutions in an IP friendly environment.  It also allows us to fail fast and early, de-risking downstream design and ensuring cost avoidance during procurement”
Customer, Head CRM, JFC ISS Design

Programme overview

Alongside other work for MOD’s Information Systems and Services, Niteworks has delivered a highly innovative programme that allows MOD to see and experience key commercial developments in IT and understand their features and relevance to Defence’s information needs. Named ‘Brockworks’, the programme has been running since early 2013. It has explored areas such as cloud-based information sharing, identity and access management, multi-tenant and high threat gateways, highly classified systems, cloud-based workforce messaging, and software defined networks.

The Niteworks approach 

Using its unique industrial arrangements, Niteworks was able to pull together teams of experts drawn from across the partnership and use the very latest IT products and concepts without being tied to any particular suppliers. Each project was planned on a Scope-Design-Built-Test-Iterate basis, using commercial off the shelf products and, in most cases, the latest cloud services offerings from industry. The rapid prototyping approach allowed MOD, with minimum outlay or risk, to explore concepts in a ‘fail fast and fail safe’ environment and, most importantly, ‘live’ through the design/build journey. This was on the basis that a detailed report is always useful, but a detailed report on top of seeing and feeling real, working capability, warts and all, is much more useful. In particular Brockworks concentrated on cyber and accreditation aspects of each project, developing the right balance between innovation and security. Niteworks exploited its access to the partnership, and beyond, not only through its project team make-up, but through broad engagement and peer review during the projects themselves.

Programme outcomes

The continuing Brockworks programme has delivered a wide range of specific benefits.  MOD has taken the outputs of the projects and incorporated them into architectures, design patterns, requirements and assessment criteria as it contracts for real information capability under its Defence Information Strategy. It is able to do this from an intelligent customer perspective, with real knowledge and experience of the characteristics, opportunities and limitations associated with modern IT in MOD’s unique environment. Through Brockworks, MOD has direct access to a home team that can really innovate and ensure it gets the best from the information revolution.

“The Niteworks approach provides industry with an understanding of MOD intention and implementation that ensures a pragmatic, well informed, and cost-effective approach to procurement whilst preserving competition”
Customer, Head CRM, JFC ISS Design

For more information on the Brockworks programme and projects, please contact Steve Rawsthorn or Tim Watts (enquiries@niteworks.net)