Niteworks continues to evolve the breadth of industrial participation in the partnership and so continues to build and enhance its value to MOD programmes. Our Associate community has been substantially augmented in recent years with a wide variety of new member organisations from across the UK defence and security sectors.

We welcome new member organisations who have capability that they can contribute to Niteworks’ activities. This contribution may not only be in the form of expertise, but also through the provision of systems, equipment or other forms of intellectual property.

Niteworks members derive a number of benefits, including:

  • Better relationship with MOD
  • Improved competitive position through understanding of MOD requirements
  • Better understanding of MOD programmes
  • Increased programme certainty (reduced risk) through company exploitation of experimentation
  • Access to Niteworks outputs / reports (subject to IPR)
  • Direct revenue by use of personnel through Niteworks
  • Increased awareness of the MOD customer

Applications for Associate membership are reviewed for compliance against qualification criteria, and all new member applications are approved by MOD.

For more information about Niteworks membership and joining Niteworks, please see our Membership Fact Sheet