What We Do

Customer Feedback

“The flexibility and agility of the organisation, and the quality of the people who were placed on the projects, again demonstrated the value of Niteworks.”

“The real value that has been added by Niteworks has been the ability to draw on subject matter experts from across the partnership, who have brought not only technical expertise, but a willingness to fully immerse themselves in the relevant areas, sometimes to our initial discomfort, but always to our benefit.”

“The level of ambition, innovation and programme agility from Niteworks and its aggressive pace of delivery and support has ensured that the MOD knows what it wants and how to acquire it.”

Industry Feedback

Niteworks is able to sub-contract key individuals from the industry partnership on a best-athlete basis. This provides them with invaluable experience, knowledge and insights, and means that they return to their industry employer with a much broader and in-depth understanding of the UK defence industry.

"We certainly have improved our understanding of MOD capability needs as a result of our involvement in Niteworks."

"We have been very impressed with the change in people when they have returned, as they appear to have had a compressed education in the MOD, the military, and the defence acquisition process."

"Our staff working in Niteworks have been able to broaden their understanding of how military personnel conduct their business. We are using this experience to enhance the way we respond to MOD requirements, in the development of capability."