What We Do

Here are answers to some of the questions we are most frequently asked.

How can I get involved in Niteworks activities?

You must be employed or contracted by an organisation which is a member of Niteworks in order to be involved in the partnership’s activities. There are various engagement mechanisms – from applying for specific roles to participating in workshops and review panels.

Are there companies involved in Niteworks who are not members of the partnership?

Yes. There may be occasions where a specific skill or capability is required for a project that is not present in the current partnership, in which case we will look externally for support. Companies engaged in this way are covered through standard terms and conditions and non-disclosure agreements and quite often subsequently request to join the partnership.

Why are universities part of the partnership?

One of the Niteworks objectives is to provide sustainable access to the MOD-Industry-Academia Supply Base and Niteworks engages with universities to achieve this.

Where do Niteworks teams work?

Teams are based in the most relevant and effective location for that particular task. For instance, in some cases it may be better to be co-located with the MOD customer, and in others it may be more appropriate to work out of the Niteworks office in Farnborough.

I want to offer my services to Niteworks through one of the partnership members. Can you recommend a good organisation to approach?

A full list of Niteworks members is available on our website. We are unable to recommend any particular organisations to approach, however.

How do I get access to material that Niteworks has generated?

All Niteworks outputs are Crown owned and automatically licensed back to Partners and those Associates who have worked on the specific project. Executive summaries of all project outputs are available to the whole partnership and published on the partnership page of the Niteworks Collaborative Working Environment (CWE). Niteworks members may access the CWE providing they are on the Restricted LAN Interface (RLI). If you are an Associate and would like access to an output for UK Government purposes please contact the Niteworks Knowledge Manager who will request the release from the MOD.

Niteworks outputs can be made available to all employees of our member organisations (subject to IPR), and can be obtained via your organisation’s designated Niteworks point of contact. If you do not know who your organisation’s designated poc is, please contact us on enquiries@niteworks.net and we can provide this information.

How do I apply for a Niteworks role? And how do I maximise my chances of success?

Niteworks roles are advertised to partnership members in the form of role profiles. Around 200-250 roles are advertised per annum and each member of the partnership can provide up to three CVs per role. In order to maximise your chances, it is important that you tailor your CV to show how you are able to meet the specific requirements of the role profile. Our preference is for a CV to be around 2-3 pages long and to include not just the chronological data of experience but a functional mapping to the required capabilities detailed in the role profile.

How are candidates selected?

CVs are sifted against a compliance matrix and normally three people are put forward for interview for each role (this may increase depending on the nature and seniority of the role). Interviews are usually held at the Niteworks office in Farnborough. Candidates are assessed not only on their technical capabilities but also whether they have the necessary personal skills required to fit the proposed project team e.g. leadership, customer relationships. The selection team will also take into account the need to achieve a team with a range of skills and industry representation.The final shaping of a particular team does not take place until we have interviewed all candidates. At this point there may be a requirement to adjust the team composition based on the balance of individual capabilities or individual affordability.